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Does Face Mask Work To Slow Down Spreading Coronavirus?

Covid19 is spreading worldwide, except washing hands often and avoiding contact with others, what else can we do to protect us from getting sick during the Coronavirus pandemic? does face mask work to protect people from Coronavirus? If it works, how to choose the right one? In this blog, let us get find some common guidelines here.

How Does the Coronavirus Spread?

Viruses are the smallest creatures, but they do not have the ability to move outside the body. So, how do they spread? It depends. Unlike HIV, can be transmitted due to contact with body fluids (blood/semen), the Coronavirus spreads mainly through the droplets.  That’s why they can spread in the subway and in the room. The droplets fall on the mouth, nose, and eyelids of healthy people, and the viruses carried can invade the human body through the skin and mucous membranes in these places.

How Does Face Mask Prevent Coronavirus?

Wearing a face mask to cover your nose and mouth in public, and don’t let droplets fly in. You may worry about the eyes, relatively speaking, the chance of infection through the eyes is pretty small. The reason is because of eyelids occlusion. You can wear glasses to block it if it does matter you a lot. In addition, droplets are more likely to get on your hands. However, the skin of the hand is thick and there is no mucous membrane, and the virus cannot get in. But if you wipe your eyes with a virus-infected hand or eat something, that is why you have to wash your hands often and change your clothes after back home.

What You Really Need To Know About Face Mask

Back to the Face Mask. Although the mask can block the nose and mouth, keep in mind that the droplet would not float away once it falls on the mask. When we wearing a face mask, the nose inhales, it is equivalent to sucking the surrounding air to the mask. For example, if we go out around awhile, the layer of the mask may be covered with a layer of invisible droplets and viruses.

You May Ask: Is it possible Virus comes to Our body via Breathing even though we wear a face mask?

Just as mentioned in the beginning, the viruses are not able to move. The only way it happens when the virus comes with droplets together get into the mouth or nose. That’s why longer wearing a mask, the less effective it is.

How Long Can a Face Mask Last?

This really depends. Normally a disposable surgical mask can last like 4-6 hours. It is hard to predict the lasting time for N95 mask. The basic rule for change a new mask is when you feel the mask gets wet.

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