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What You Should Expect From First Time Massage

Just like any service available in an open market, massage services run the spectrum from low to high. So the question is: What should you expect from the first time massage? If you’ve ever received massage services from more than one therapist, you’ll recognize the differences in their approach to massage, their training, and how effective the treatment is. A truly professional massage therapist delivers a truly amazing massage. Massage increases the pleasure of touch, it also has many other benefits.

Find A Licensed Massage Therapist

Same as any other profession, massage-therapy is regulated. Each state has different education and testing requirements. To keep safety and respect of boundaries, receiving a massage service from a licensed and certified therapist ensures your therapist works within their scope of practice.

Massage Room Must Be Clean & Safe

Massage therapy locations should keep clean and safe for clients. Linens should be disinfected and changed after every use. Massage creams and lotions should be stored in clean containers and should be non-allergenic. Rooms should be dust-free. And most importantly, no matter where you see your massage therapist, they should respect your personal boundaries. They never EVER make inappropriate comments or gestures (nor should you).

First Time Massage Tips

There are a lot of massage spas all around, but seeking a good massage therapist is hard. For a newbie massage shopper, following these basic tips below you would be able to find a qualified massage therapist.

Expectations Before the Session

You may ask questions like “first time massage what to wear” or “what to prepare my first massage?” In fact, go to a massage spa is just like going to a restaurant. No much special to be prepared. If there is one, bring your happy mood to a massage. After you step in the Studio and before the massage session begins, your massage therapist will talk to you about your expectations. She or He shall ask questions about your health concern. A good massage therapist will talk to you about the plan for the session and tell you what to expect. At the same time, your massage therapist will answer any questions you have about the session.

What To Expect During The Session

Professional therapists develop the ability to sense what is going on with your body as they work. Their touch is purposeful and comfortable. The bodywork session flows smoothly from one area of the body to another logical and predictable. It can be several massage-techniques used and the pace of the massage will vary from slow to moderate speed depending on the techniques used and the goal of the massage.

What To Expect  After The Session

In most cases, you’ll know right away how you feel. In general, you should NOT feel serious ached or pain after a massage. Even deep tissue sessions, when done correctly, should not result in pain; although there may be some “muscle awareness” for a while after the massage session. When you wake up the day after your massage, you will likely still feel the good effects of the bodywork. If you are very sore, make sure you tell your therapist so they can change their technique for the next session.

Conclusion About Your First Time Massage Expectation

The most important what you expect if you have to find a licensed massage therapist. The massage room must be comfortable and clean & safe. A state Licensed Massage Therapist is knowledgeable and educated, she or he would follow the regulations and respect your personal boundaries. Your massage therapist would ask your health conditions and consult your massage session. You just need to enjoy the time of massage.

By Connie

Connie is the Lead Massage Therapist and General Manager at Wonderland Spa.

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