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How Does The Massage Comfort Your Body?

Among all of these complementary medicines, massage therapy is one of the best alternatives and plays an important role. People enjoy it not only because of the benefits of massage, but another important reason is also that the pleasure of touch. Today I will focus on this topic why people like the feeling of touching and how massage comforts people.

Skin Receives the Pleasure of Touch

As we know, the surface of the skin is the physiological boundary to distinguish between the human body and the outer environment. The skin is the largest sensory organ, and we consciously learn the world through touching and realize the transmission of information from the outside through the skin. Skin is the carrier of touch, and touch is an important process of exchange of intrinsic information in the human body. Unlike what we see or what we smell may be fake, the feeling of touch is more realistic, specific, and even stronger than other feelings.

Touch is a non-verbal communication method

This is the main way people express empathy and compassion. Also, p  

Massage Brings The Pleasure of Physical Contact

The word “massage” begins with “Massa” meaning “application of various touches”. The massage therapist can use the intake form or observes the walking postures to learn the condition of each client. However, touching is the only way to understand the client’s body. For example, the abnormalities in the soft tissues and internal organs of the body are reflected on the skin, such as the pains. In addition, the changes in the emotions of the individual are also able to affect the state of the skin from the inside to the outside. Massage practitioners can feel all these changes through touching. Similarly, the client is able to feel the “connection” through the hands of the massage therapist.

It is not difficult to understand that the touch therapy/massage treatment developed by touch is not just a relaxation of the muscle level, it is vital to our physical and mental health. For example, touching patients who are suffering Alzheimer has an important influence on them, it would help them to establish emotional connections with others and reduce depression. Another example is that pregnant women receiving massage could relieve pain and reduce prenatal depression; For example, children with autism like to be touched by parents or professional massage practitioners to establish communication. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the impact of massage on emotions.

At Bottom

So from above, we have known the power of touch and why people like to get a massage. It is an important expression in our lives. In fact, getting physical contact has more benefits than just listed, it helps people build connections. To show more love and respect, it’s time to think more about touching others.

By Connie

Connie is the Lead Massage Therapist and General Manager at Wonderland Spa.

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