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How to Fall Asleep Faster At Night

Sleeping on the bed is the dream of many insomniacs. Many people fall asleep while watching TV on the sofa, but they are excited again and they cannot sleep when they go back to bed. So, How to get to bed and fall asleep? This requires establishing conditioning between your bed and sleeping and to accumulate enough sleeping power.

How To Fall Asleep Faster At Night

It sounds very complicated, however, follow these steps below, you will improve your sleeping. Let’s keep in mind, A good sleep consists of a comfortable sleeping environment, a suitable pillow, and a correct sleeping posture with enough sleeping time. No one is indispensable.

A Comfortable Sleeping Environment

The bat sleep for about 16 hours a day. In order to successfully achieve this amazing sleep time, they live in safe caves away from potential predators. It’s very important to create your own bat cave. You need to build a beautiful, comfortable, dark place to help you get to sleep at night. Here are some guidelines that will help you create the perfect sleeping space.

  • Keeping Dark Makes Good Sleep At Night

When your eyes are exposed to light, the brain reduces the production of melatonin which causes sleep. It is the huge impact of the night light on our brains. Studies have shown that if the eyes are exposed to moderate light for one hour at night, the amount of melatonin in the brain will return to daytime levels. Therefore, lighting in the bedroom is crucial. Before you fall asleep, make sure you don’t suddenly turn on any lights, especially the bright lights. Finally, be sure to keep the darkness in the bedroom as much as possible. Some people use dark curtains, while others buy eye masks. Either way is good practice.

  • Keeping Quiet Makes People Fall Asleep Faster

When you fall asleep, the brain will still listen to potentially dangerous sounds, such as the sounds of late-night fun, alarms, and even door opening. Men and women have a unique sensitivity to different types of sound when they fall asleep. One study showed that women were particularly sensitive to the baby crying, water droplets and snoring, while men were more sensitive to car horns, squalls, and flies. The solution is: the sound of playing the waves or the “white noise” can help cover up these traffic noises and help sleep.

  • Keeping Cool Makes Good Sleep Hours

It is very important to ensure that the bedroom temperature is moderately hot and cold. Most sleep scientists recommend that the temperature would be slightly above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity to be around 65%. After covering a normal quilt, the body temperature will remain at a “hot neutral” temperature so you don’t need to tremble to increase heat or cool down by sweating.
In addition, please pay attention to the hidden danger of the foot temperature. The flow of blood transfers heat throughout the body. If your circulatory system is poor, your hands and feet will become cold and cause insomnia. So, controlling body temperature is an important task for people with insomnia. If you are experiencing this problem, please put on a pair of warm socks when going to bed.

A Correct Sleeping Posture Makes You Sleep Healthier

In my previous post “What is The Correct Sleeping Posture?” I have discussed the differences between each sleeping posture. A poor posture can affect physical and mental health. In addition to making the muscles stiffer and tighter, the blood circulation of the limbs, back, and neck is poor, and you will suffer emotional stress due to chronic pain. Both backing sleeping and side sleeping are recommended. If you are using the wrong sleeping position but plan to adjust it, minimize the pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders during an 8-hour dormancy, which has a positive effect on your overall posture.

A Suitable Pillow Helps You Fall Asleep Healthier

In my other post “How Pillow Affects Sleep“I mentioned pillow plays an important role in human health. The human cervical spine has its own normal physiological curvature, the pillow supports the spine and not change the shape. Besides that, a pillow lifts up the head and the chest is also slightly raised so that the blood of the lower body can flow downstream.

So, If you read my posts, you would know how to fall asleep faster. Let me summarize it here: keep your bedroom dark and cool, and block noise away. In addition, back sleep posture is recommended, and use pillow correctly. Follow all these instructions, I believe you would sleep as quick as 5 minutes.


By Connie

Connie is the Lead Massage Therapist and General Manager at Wonderland Spa.

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