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Home Remedies You Should Try For Your Neck Stiffness

In my previous post, I conclude that an unstable cervical spine state causes people to get a stiff neck after waking up, Now I would like to continue this topic and introduce some common ways to relieve neck stiffness at home.

Incorrect Sleeping Posture Causes Neck Stiffness

If you read my post “What is Correct Sleeping Posture?” You would know that there are four basic sleeping postures, and lying on your back is the most recommended one. Under this position, the muscles of the back and neck are the most relaxed; it makes easier for head, neck, and spine to align and keep it in a neutral position. No extra pressure or curves are being forced on your muscles and bones. see Figure-a.

Neck and Shoulder Sleeping posture

But sometimes for various reasons, such as the sleeping pillow is not suitable, etc., causing the neck curved, the head turned with twisting shoulder, the body is in a very distorted position to fall asleep, such as shown in figure-b.

After closing the eyes, the body gets used to this wrong sleeping position and fall asleep. However, the muscles and ligaments of the shoulders and neck are still in an uncomfortable state (an unstable cervical spine state). Muscles and ligaments are forcibly stretched, causing swelling and congestion, which stimulates the nerve endings to lead pain.

This is the reason why you feel pain and neck stiffness after wake up from the morning.

Home Remedies For a Rigid Neck

Don’t worry if you have a stiff neck, you can relieve pain from three aspects.

  • Restricting Activity

    Limit your neck stiffness activity is recommended. Do not forcibly turn your neck around, your neck is hurt already.

  • Hot Relieve

    The purpose of hot relief is to improve the blood circulation of related parts, relax muscle tension and relieve pain, and hot towel is highly recommended.

  • Massage your neck

    If you can, do a self-massage. A proper massage can relieve the pain as well as relax the cervical spine. But do not be strong, especially do not pursue the squeaking sound. Here is one Neck Massage technique Youtube clip made by

 Conclusion To Relieve Neck Stiffness

In general, neck stiffness is a self-healing disease, don’t need to worry too much about it. But prevention is still the best treatment. For example, choosing the right pillow or strengthen muscle training. Of course, sleeping position and sleep habits are also important. If you get stiff neck often, then it needs to pay attention to your cervical spine and it might be the time go see your doctor.

I wish you enjoy reading my post, if you have any concerns, please leave your comments below.

By Connie

Connie is the Lead Massage Therapist and General Manager at Wonderland Spa.

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