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How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus?

At Wonderland Spa, usually, one-hour massage session includes 45-minute full body massage and 15-minute foot reflexology. Every time I perform Reflexology to my clients, I like to observe their toes and soles so that I can figure out how they treat their feet. During Massage Services, other than Foot Fungus, Toenail fungus is another commonly seen type of health condition that need to treat.

You may be suffering from it, but do not know it’s Nail Fungus. Come with me together, let us find out what Nail fungus is, Why we should care about it, and what we can do to treat it.

What is Toenail Fungus?

Nail fungus is also called onychomycosis. This is a common condition that gets in through cracks in your nail or cuts in your skin. Generally, this fungus can make your toenail changing color and getting thicker. At the first stage, it begins as a yellow spot under the tip of fingernail or toenail. However, as the fungal infection goes deeper, consequences may include nail discoloring, thickening and getting crumble at the edge. It also can affect several nails.

If this condition is mild, it’s not necessarily taking action to treat it. But, toes are often warm and damp, the fungus grows very well near around. If nail fungus is painful and caused thickened nails, it’s time to take self-care actions and some medications may help. Different kinds of fungi and sometimes yeast affect different parts of the nail.

Symptoms of Toe-nail Fungus

You may get toenail fungus already If you are experiencing following one or more symptoms:

  • Nail Discoloration

    Generally, Nail discoloration is the consequence of different infections and conditions of the skin. Among those nail discoloration cases, about half of them are the result of infections with common fungi that can be found in the air, dust, and soil. If your nails discoloring to Yellow-brown, you are getting fungi infection.

  • Thickened Nails

    A type of fungal infection called onychomycosis is one of the most common causes of thick nails. Since fungal infections often grow in warm, moist environments, toenails become the place they grow and spread quickly.

  • Brittle Nails

    Do you get crumble or brittle nails? People may think brittle nails are caused by aging or vitamin deficiency. However, there are other possibilities like the fungal infection or Onychoschizia.

Except listed above, other symptoms may also include distorted in shape or debris nails, or your nails have heavy odd. Since this fungal infection can be spread, left untreated, an infection could spread to other toenails, skin, or even your fingernails.

Who gets Toenail Fungus?

Just like foot fungus, Men are more likely to get toenail fungus than women. People with older age have higher chances to get it than younger people. You may also have a high risk of getting toenail fungus if you smoke. Other health conditions may relate to Toenail fungus including diabetes, or weaken the immune system.

How to Prevent and Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus?

  • Using soap and warm water wash your hands and feet regularly. Dry your toes and feet well. Wash your hands after touching an infected nail. Moisturize your nails after washing.
  • Trim nails straight across, smooth the edges with a file and file down thickened areas. Clean your nail clipper every time you use it.
  • Change socks daily. Change twice if necessary. For instance, after playing the soccer game.
  • Choose shoes has good ventilation
  • Discard old shoes or treat them with disinfectants or antifungal powders.
  • Wear footwear in public areas like pools and locker rooms.
  • Give up nail polish and artificial nails.

Natural Home Remedies for Fungal Infection

To treat a toenail infection effectively, antifungal agents are a must you have. However, it’s not necessary to be prescription; there are a variety of herbs, oils, and other natural substances have antifungal properties of their own.

  1. Baking soda

    This actually has significant antifungal effects. Try making a paste out of water and baking soda and spreading it on your nails. Alternatively, add some baking soda to a bucket of water and do a daily foot soak.

  2. Tea Tree Oil.

    This essential oil is not only can be used to treat dandruff, but it’s also a good home remedy to treat athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. Tea Tree Oil has significant antifungal effects, along with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  3. Coconut Oil

    This is another alternative home remedy used by many people to treat toenail fungus. Coconut oil has health-promoting effects ranging from protecting your hearing to preventing memory loss. Additionally, coconut oil is a powerful antifungal agent. To help treat your toenail fungus, melt a small amount of coconut oil on your fingertips (it is solid at room temperature) and apply directly to your toes.

Of course, snakeroot extract, olive leaf extract, and sunflower oil are additional home remedies you can use to treat nail fungus. But keep in mind, living in a clean environment and keeping personal hygiene are both important to prevent fungal infection.

I wish you enjoy reading my post, and it is a little bit helpful. Next time I will focus on “Flu Shot“, you can click the link continue reading the post. If you have any thoughts, please leave your comments below.

By Connie

Connie is the Lead Massage Therapist and General Manager at Wonderland Spa.

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