Massage at Wonderland

There is nothing like a massage service at Wonderland Spa to relax your mind, body, and soul. Many clients used to go to other Massage studios. However, after they visit Wonderland, they become our loyal customers. Why? Wonderland Spa features a group of experienced massage therapists melt with the traditional Chinese concept, we know better what kind of massages you need and how light or firm is best for you.

Massage Services

There are different massage sessions people can choose to fit for individual needs. No matter which circumstances people are, there are many types of massage at Wonderland spa able to match your demands. In addition, we believe every client comes to massage services is a gift, every minute is valuable and important to our customers. Unlike some businesses charges 60 minutes massage prices but only perform 50 minutes massage with 10 minutes consultation, we pride ourselves one hour is one hour rule. This policy also applies to other timeframes.

Massage Prices

Refresh with this focused 30-minute therapeutic massage. Your therapist will work on a specific area of tension.
This therapeutic massage focuses on full-body, with deep pressure applied during the massage.

Nowadays, getting a massage is no longer a luxury, people come to get a massage not just because of the healthy habit to improve health and wellness, more importantly, people would benefit from massage. Comparing with those chained massage studios with high massage pricing, our rates are more affordable in Cherry Hill and surrounding areas. At Wonderland Spa, we commit to provide high-quality massage services at affordable massage pricing. Each time as soon as you walk in the door and we do pride ourselves on the levels of massage services we have and the cares we provide to our clients. Each time our clients thumb up and say “Thank you” or “Good Job”, it would be our best motivation & rewards. At the same, we would like to thank back to our valued and loyal clients for continuing to share their reviews & feedback with us and improve our services.
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