Meet Connie Wang

Our Manager Connie Wang was graduated from the New Wave Myotherapy in 2014. Her studies and training mainly focus on the Eastern healing arts. She is a licensed Massage Therapist in New Jersey State. She is dedicated to helping her clients to demand their balanced health improvements and achieve a better lifestyle.

team member connie is massage therapist at Wonderland Spa
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She has been in the wellness field for over 10 years. She started her career as an Assistant Manager at one Day Spa for 2 years. Prior to her career with Wonderland Spa, she was the massage therapist in Atlantic City, New Jersey at which time she received high customer satisfaction for her expertise. She still works on continued education yearly to keep her professions are updated.

Connie brings all of her experience to the clients of Wonderland Spa. Combining her expertise with effective Massage Care is a winning combination. Each client has unique needs and Connie is skilled in a wide range of therapeutic techniques including deep tissue massage, reflexology therapy, acupressure therapy, therapeutic touch. Her focus at Wonderland Spa is working with traumatic injuries and chronic pain. Her passion for Massage shows in her experience, results, and taking the time to educate her clients on wellness.

During her work time, she notices people have many questions about health and wellness concerns. This becomes the juncture that Connie starts to think she may need to do something else more than a massage to help people in other ways. Thus, she opens blog page to focus on massage and other health topics. She will introduce all the popular massage techniques and their benefits. In addition, She would like to share the differences between massage techniques and also other Chinese medicine alternatives that Wonderland Spa provides.

We welcome you to visit our physical massage center at Springdale Plaza located in Cherry Hill, NJ. The address is 1900 Greentree Rd Ste 19, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. You can either call us at (856)424-2518 or book reservations online via Facebook Page.

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