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What Are the Effects of Music in Massage Therapy?

If you go to massage often, you may notice that the massage studio plays slow and soft music, you may have already known it can calm the mood down and relax the body or other healing benefits, what other usage does sound therapy have? why does it combine with massage treatment?

The power of music used in massage therapy practice can increase the effectiveness of relaxation, it brings the feeling of calm and at ease to the client. It is of additional assistance to the therapeutic massage. There are 6 basic positive effects that music used in the massage:

6 Music Effects In Massage Therapy

Stress Reduction

While the music is soft and slow plays at low or moderate volume, the tempos reduce frustration, the body relaxes, heart rate and breath speed get lower.

Sleep Improvement

Soothing music or sounds can relax people to improve sleep and reduce fatigue. People can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with music therapy. The body fatigues reduce and start recovery.

Pain Relief

Our body is emotional. Studies have shown that music can reduce the extent of pain. When music is perceived through our senses through the nervous systems, the signals are likely to dam the slower moving pain signals, which reduces our perception of pain.

Endocrine Improvement

As mentioned above, music is a media to help our body to relieve the stress, so that both the cortisol and adrenaline are released under this procedure of stress relief. Reducing stress can bring significant improvements to our endocrine systems.

Blood Circulation Improvement

According to Time magazine, using sound and music therapies can actually help to enhance the flow of blood, improve the membrane walls as well as restore cellular function.

State of Peacefulness

This is one of the music effects in massage therapy. Slow musical tunes stable the speed of the brainwaves, it is especially beneficial for young people who have mental or health problems with chronic stress management and anxiety. This is also another reason why musical apps are very popular in the top trending at App store. While a person is in the state of hypnotic or mediative, it provides much better comfort and relaxation. similar to what happens when people are in a hypnotic or meditative state.

Based on the study from Harvard, usage in music therapy is good for people not only health but also performance. It slows the heart rate, and may lower the blood pressure, reduces levels of stress hormones, and also enhances the function of neural networks.

By Connie

Connie is the Lead Massage Therapist and General Manager at Wonderland Spa.

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