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Why Is It Sore When Massage Is Performed?

Why Massage Hurts?

People come to Spa having a massage and feel great. After the massage session is done, they are relaxed but they have a common question: Why massage hurts? If you have had one sore massage, and to get this question answered, you must understand how the body changes and tissue of the human body: Fascia Tissue.

Fascia Tissue Makes A Massage Hurts

I believe many people think that muscles are attached to bones. But the answer is NO. The truth is that a bunch of muscles is wrapped in a fascia like a bag, and then connected to the bone by soft tissue. Fascia has been described as the “glue” or “plastic wrap” that holds us together. Now you should have an idea of what fascia is.

Fascia permeates the whole body. Fascia extends from head to toe and front to back in a continuous sheath of tissue. It surrounds every organ, nerve, blood and lymph vessel, muscle and bone in your body. Fascia is so critical in providing the structure that does not only surround every muscle but also every muscle cell and muscle fascicle (the group of muscle cells). The fibers of the fascia are continuous from around the muscle to the tendon to the periosteum of the bone. In daily activities, muscle fibers pull the fascia and then pull the bones to make the most basic movements.


Nowadays, because people are sedentary or often maintain the same posture. For example, the muscle fibers of some fitness enthusiasts will contract for a long period of time, causing adhesion between a bundle of fascias. These places are called nodes (Knot).

Why Sore Massage Is Good

Massage is actually the effect of a mild external force on the body. When you receive a massage, an external force is acting on your fascia tissue, and then open the nodes to improve adhesion over time. By the way, depending on physical condition, everyone may have different muscle tension and fascia adhesion problems. These factors include but not limited to their innate bone structure, personal posture or exercise factors. Many people work in office cubicle long time and lack exercises; the consequences are a lack of core strength leading to too tight muscles on the back. Therefore, most people get a sore massage or they may feel massage hurts. In physiology, this is because the nodes of the adhesion are slowly opened. As the fibers are opened, the muscles that are too tight and too contracted will relieve, and you will feel relaxed.

Other factors are that long-term muscles may also compress the nerves and affect the blood circulation, and both conditions will improve after relaxation. Of course in additionally, for some muscle tension caused by bad posture, massage is a kind of palliative passive treatment, which can alleviate the symptoms, but it is still necessary to improve the imbalance by training the strength of the weak muscles to solve the problem fundamentally.

I hope you enjoy reading my post, and if there is a little help, I am so glad to keep contributing my knowledge and write more.  You can click my post “Why People Like Massage” to find out the reasons or read the topic how often should you have a massage? In addition, please leave your comments and concerns if possible.

By Connie

Connie is the Lead Massage Therapist and General Manager at Wonderland Spa.

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